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Infusionsoft Tutorials: Note Templates

Clients use my Infusionsoft Services to get the most out of their Infusionsoft application. A key way is using Infusionsoft Note Templates to act as triggers to automate many common tasks such as:

Infusionsoft Note Templates are essentially one click options for accelerating your internal workflows. The most inexperienced users can be taught to leverage the power of these Note Templates in a matter of minutes because you name them for the action they automate. So as long a you have thought through the naming convention of your Note Templates, you and your team should be up and running in no time.

Common scenarios for using Infusionsoft Note Templates include:

  • A new product or subscription order.
  • A cancellation (RELEASE THE KRAKEN!)
  • Tracking trouble tickets / support calls.
  • Confirming appointments.

You'll notice that the scenarios above are created when you interact with clients and prospects over the phone, in person or via email.

If they come in via Web Forms you can use that as the trigger to begin your automation.

This is a key point to remember since at least 50% of all Infusionsoft users are brick and mortar businesses that process a great deal of their orders and client interactions live and in person.

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