Infusionsoft Tutorial: Quote Generation and Collecting Payments

Stop chasing prospects for money. Collect payments from your quotes.

In this Infusionsoft Tutorial, let's look at the whole reason you do marketing automation: making more money! Here's a cool Infusionsoft feature which enables you to collect payments from your quotes.

First you need to enable this feature by accessing the E-Commerce > Settings

Infusionsoft expert tip to send quotes and collect payments

Infusionsoft Enable Payment Collection on Invoices

On the next screen select Orders then select Orders with the green border and on the right under Invoice choose Yes for "Enable payment collection on Invoices:."

Infusionsoft tips to send quotes and collect payments

Find Contact in Infusionsoft

Use the quick search tool (to be quick about it) and find the contact you wish to quote.

Infusionsoft expert tip to quickly send quotes and collect payments

Select the Quotes and Orders icon (the $ sign) 

In the next screen you can use the quick select icons to open the Quotes and Orders section of Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft shortcut to send quotes and collect payments

Add Infusionsoft Quote

On the next screen you'll see any Recent Quotes you've made. Go ahead and select Add Quote.

Infusionsoft quick tip to send quotes and collect payments

Add the Products or Subscriptions to Your Infusionsoft Quote

Now you simply add the products you want to quote, edit the price to the penny—SOOOO much nicer than the limited pricing edits you can make in the Opportunity section of Infusionsoft—along with the quantity and description and select Continue.

Infusionsoft expert tip to add products or subscriptions to your quotes and collect payments

 Select Payment Options and Send Quote

On the final screen you'll see your Infusionsoft quote and can modify your:

  • Payment Options
  • Send Options
  • Email text

Infusionsoft expert tip to send quotes and collect payments

Once everything is to your liking, just hit Send and wait for your money.

If you need additional help on how to get the most out of your Infusionsoft application feel free to see the various Infusionsoft help articles here or click the link below to contact me today.

To your inbound selling success.