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How to customize Infusionsoft's Shopping Cart "Review Order" button

Posted by Robert Calise | May 09

Recently, a fellow Infusionsoft Certified Partner asked a great question. When her client's customers are visiting the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart the button they must click to begin the checkout process is labeled "Review Order." However, this partner noticed was that some customers are confused by this language, so she asked how she could customize it to something a bit more obvious, such as "Proceed to Checkout." Thankfully, Infusionsoft includes jQuery in their shopping cart by default, so with just a little bit of code, we can fix this little "gotcha" in no time at all. In case you've run up against this issue, here's a snippet that can be installed quickly and easily in your Infusionsoft application's Shopping Cart Theme.

To install this code, you can follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. In your Infusionsoft application, navigate to E-Commerce Setup (Main Nav > E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup.)
  2. Click the Shopping Cart Themes link under the Design header.
  3. Click Edit on the theme in which you wish to install this snippet.
  4. Click the HTML Areas tab
  5. Paste the above snippet into the Custom Footer text area.
  6. Click Save Once you've done that, the final result should look like this:

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Written by Robert Calise

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