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If You Wanna Sell, Stories You Must Tell | How To Tell A Story

Be interesting to keep your prospects from sleeping like babies.

"Sleeping Prospects Do Not Buy!" How To Be More Interesting In Your Prospecting and Selling Endeavors Ever heard the story of having the faith of a 1 mm diameter Brassica juncea? Me neither.

What's Your Mustard Seed?

But we've all heard the story where Jesus tells us the parable of having faith the size of a mustard seed.

Why did Jesus use parables to get his point across? Jesus knew how to tell a story, which is how we learn and retain important information.

Why a mustard seed? Because it's one of the smallest seeds on the planet. Jesus was making a point and he used stories and examples that people of his time could relate to in order to do so.

Facts tell. Stories sell.

Jesus knew how to tell a good story and look what it did for His legacy!

Why aren't you telling more stories?

Wes, what kind of story can I tell about wedding planning, trash collection, IT services or cosmetic surgery?"

Oh ye with the creativity of a mustard seed!

Today I worked with a client who sells commercial trash services. (Who knew that businesses have a choice when it comes to who picks up their trash?)

Apparently the big guys don't want you to know you do have a choice. So as I asked him what makes his company special and he said they are locally owned and operated, are certified and insured, yada, yada, yada...and take the time to deodorize the big trash bins at a client's office each week.

Wait. What?

You Deodorize Your Trash Bins?

"Holy cow! How nice is that! I've been by some DISGUSTING trash bins at corporate sites and it reflects poorly on the company that offices there. You need to play that up!"

I told him the story of the plumbing company that played up the fact that their plumbers didn't stink. (Mike Diamond here in SoCal.)

We both chuckled at that but he got the point. He's now writing a free report as a Lead Magnet and one of the questions he'll answer is "Do my dumpsters have to stink?"

Now is any property manager or comptroller of a building really asking that question on a regular basis? Probably not.

Have they all asked that question at least once or twice during their business careers? Yes.

Will they ask it now? You bet.

Do You Want To Merely Inform or Resonate?

In Lori Silverman's book "Wake Me Up When The Data Is Over" she reminds us "Facts inform, stories resonate. Facts are filed away. Stories inspire and connect to deeper currents that move us to reflection and inspiration."

Jesus told stories. Lori tells stories. Lori tells stories about Microsoft, Verizon and even my good ol' U.S. Air Force telling stories to get a point across, motivate employees and win new customers.

Now we'll be telling stories about dumpsters in Florida and I guarantee you my client will make more sales this year than last by telling them.

What's your story?

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.

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