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Ian Altman Shows You Same Side Selling

What to say when the buyer just asks for a quote  

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Trust is key
  • "What does success look like?"
  • It's not about persuasion, it's about getting to the truth
  • It's okay to push back on quote-seekers
  • Focus on the results
  • Businesses only stall for two reasons
  • To get your foot in the door you must understand how people make decisions
    • What problem does this solve? Why do I need it?
    • What's the likely result or outcome if I do this?
    • What are the alternatives?
  • Answer those to shorten the sales cycle
  • Start with the problems you solve and disarm/neutralize the idea that you're just there to sell them something
  • Be precise
  • The phone and/or email still works with the right message
  • Axis Displacement Disorder
  • How to befriend "gatekeepers"
    • They exist to help people
    • Don't trick them
  • How to build trust
  • B.A.N.T. doesn't apply today
    • Budget
    • Authority
    • Need
    • Timeframe
  • They are now building coalitions and consensus
  • Disarm the notion that you're just there to sell something
  • Be humble
  • How to 2x your sales while working 40% less

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