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How To Not Regret Today


Tomorrow, when you look back on today, will you be excited that you participated in that Facebook debate, or watched 12 hours of sports, or skipped the gym in favor of binging on an entire season of your new favorite Netflix series?

Life is a simple series of small decisions that become the sum total of your life. 

Ever ask yourself what you're escaping or avoiding by throwing yourself in front of your computer or TV or smartphone for so many hours of every day?

Ever ask yourself what you're missing out on by not seeking new adventures, new challenges, new growth?

Most people I know, whether they are entrepreneurs or employees, are not where they want to be.

Either their boss is a jerk or their staff are unreliable or their clients are too demanding or leads are down or sales are down or—

  • "Hey, is that team playing the other team? Honey, pass me the remote, please. And can you get me a beer?"
  • "This athlete did that to them? Oh no. Not on my watch. Time to set the world right with my one iPhone, my two thumbs, and Facebook. Oh yeah!!!"
  • "Wait. What? Did that politician (from the other party, of course) say what I think he said? Being the master of macro socio-economic policies, global finance, negotiation, and persuasion...I need to hashtag them on Twitter and troll his supporters for the rest of the day or the world could shift on its axis."

When you spell it out it seems silly how we spend our time, doesn't it?

Be careful what you let into your mind. 

Be careful what you let occupy your time.

Be intentional on who you let into your life.

Be specific about what you want to achieve in your life.

Be bold in your action.

Be willing to fail.

Be willing to accept a helping hand from those who have the right intentions.

Be willing to offer a hand to those who are where you were yesterday.

Enjoy today, even if it's a struggle, because in the struggle is where you'll find your true calling and you will find yourself.

If you could use a little help in finding yourself, this may be a good start.

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