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How To Get 33 Trillion Google+ Likes

A couple of friends of mine were chatting on Twitter about how people are so desperate to appear popular and influential online that they will actually Photoshop their Google+ and other social media share counts to be higher than they really are.

So I made one of my own for giggles and grins.

Like Abraham Lincoln wisely said,

"You can't believe everything you see on the internet."

Don't worry so much about being popular.

See the new ABCs of Selling

Strive to be good.

To be effective.

To produce results.

The Likes and the Shares and the Pluses will come.

And don't freak out if some "competitor" has soooooo many more Likes and Shares and Pluses.

Chances are good they are either paying someone to artificially inflate them and/or they are using some software to do so and/or they've been at this a lot longer than you.

Keep plugging away and "Live your life with a vision and your day by the clock" as Zig Ziglar reminded us.

Sell Different.

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