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How to Blow Up a Webinar!

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Here's how to mess up your webinars.

Man on man...good thing it's Christmas and everyone is in a good mood (and there is spiked egg nog!)

I had two excellent slide decks done up.

I was on 20 minutes early.

I even got dressed, cleaned up my office, shaved, did my hair, put the dog out, and bought a new HD webcam from Logitech

I was ready to rock and roll!

Then, at 15 minutes prior I notice nobody—NOBODY—was on. (Usually one or two login just to make sure they have a seat.)


So I check my email and a lady has informed me she tried to get on 30 min early and couldn't. 

I replied that I hadn't logged in myself that early but assured her that I was in now and to try again.

Five more minutes go by and nothing.

Then it hits me.


So I send a blast out with the correct link and think "Hey, it's 10 minutes early. It's all good."

But it wasn't.

Let's just leave it at that.

I explain more in my video.

Please learn from my mistakes.