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How not to do email marketing, Shannon

This is how not to do email marketing.

Don't try to butter people up just so you can try to get something from them.

And just because you emailed me doesn't mean I have to answer you.

Give me a reason to stop what I'm doing, open your email, read your email, and take your desired course of action.

[See: 4 Big Reasons Your Emails Aren't Opened (And How to Fix It)]

You want me to do something, namely speak with you so you can sell me something.

What if I want you to do something like, ahhh, I don't know, make my life better, my job easier, my business more profitable, my waistline thinner, my arms bigger, my bourbon smoother?

If you can't give me a compelling reason to Stop, Read, Respond then here's what I want you to do:   STOP EMAILING ME!

Each of these steps,

  • Stopping what I'm doing,
  • Opening your email,
  • Reading your email,
  • Responding to your email,

Is one step in the Make Every Sale process.

Each one of those is a small sale that must be made or the big sale will never happen.

There is no magic potion or magic wand or incantation or manifestation or vision board or easy button or secret or vibration or NLP that gives you superpowers to make every sale.

To make every sale you must understand that within every sale are 5 or 10 or 110 little sales that must be made in order, at the right time.

Professional salespeople understand this.

Rookies shoot from the hip.

According to "The Psychology of Selling"

The (sales) people in the top 20% earn 16x more than the people in the bottom 80%. The top 4% earn 54x more than the bottom 96%."

Want to earn more money?

Learn how to Make Every Sale.

Join today at Make Every Sale and you can participate in our live, interactive call tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific.

Now go sell something.