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How Infographics Can Help Your Business

I have been creating content for my clients' websites and the websites that I personally owned.

There are times when creating content is fun and there is times where creating content can be difficult and redundant.

As an inbound marketing, i.e. SEO, i.e. copywriting consultant, all I do is preach content, content, and more content.

However, when clients hear this they moan, whine, and complain that they don't have time to produce quality content.

Well now I have a solution for every business owner out there that wants to get great results online but doesn't have time to produce quality content.

Drumroll please....... Ready?


What Are Infographics?

Infographics are a way to take content and create a graphic out of the content.

Hence the two words in infographic: "Info" "graphic".

Info being the info you want to show a reader. Graphic, an illustration of the content.

I know that is a very basic way to describe it but I wanted to break it down for all my readers.

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Why Do Infographics Work Better Than Regular Content With Pictures?

Infographics have been become very popular with readers across the internet due to the way the content and pictures are combined to paint a story.

Yes, I said story.

An infographic should tell a story about the information.

No one wants to just stare at a picture.

When creating one of these illustrations, you should think about how a reader is going to read the information and review the pictures.

This will help you get your information across better.

(Below is not a traditional infographic, but notice how easy it is to read and how it makes the point quickly and enjoyably.)

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Why Should You Think About Creating A Infographic?

First, it's really cool to display your business's content in an infographic.

However, there are more benefits of an infographic than just reading your content.

One huge impact I have personally experienced with infographics is how many other people want to share or display an infographic.

I have created 5 infographics in the last two weeks and over 30 websites have displayed my content on their blogs.

This creates a brand awareness across different websites that maybe you might not have been able to reach with regular content.

Also this type of marketing creates quality links back to my websites which helps my websites earn a better reputation for search engine optimization.

An Example of One of A Business Infographic

Here is one of a business infographic I created for one of my free giveaways.

This particular infographic was shared a hundred times on twitter and Google + and also was reposted on ten websites within two days of launching it.

This will in turn provide our website with quality inbound links.


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