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How Bad Do You Want It?

When faced with death you do what you have to do to live. Are your sales alive and kicking or fluttering and floundering?

Socrates was approached by a man who kinda, sorta, off-the-cuff mentioned in a rather detached, dispassionate manner that he would like to have the wisdom and knowledge that Socrates possessed.

So Socrates did the obvious thing.

He walked him down to the ocean and pinned the guy underwater until he nearly drowned the poor slob.

After the man said "WTH?" Socrates asked him, "What do you want?"

"Air!" replied the dude. "Air!"

To which Socrates replied, "Good. As soon as you want knowledge as much as you want air you will have it."

So what keeps you up at night?

Do you really want to get better at sales? Do you really want to grow your business? Do you really want to make more money?

Once you do then you will know what to do and you will take the necessary actions to achieve your true desires.

Let me know if I can help.

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