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Why You Should Hire a $25 Infusionsoft Consultant On Elance

Hi there.

Since 2008 I’ve been using Infusionsoft to grow my business, which has always been focused on helping other professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

I find a lot of people shopping around for Infusionsoft help who ask me why they should pay my “outrageous” prices when they can find people on O'Desk and eLance for $25 per hour or less.

After years of considering this I've finally realized the error of my ways.

So let's discuss why you should hire a $25 per hour Infusionsoft Consultant from eLance, which, we all know, is where the the kind and benevolent and experienced goo-roos congregate.

Besides, since they say they'll work for $25 you know they are just sweet, fair, friendly people, right?

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If you want to save money when you buy Infusionsoft help, you’re going to want to make sure your Infusionsoft Consultant is not spending money frivolously by passing their Infusionsoft Certified Partner renewal exam each year.

(I mean, who are we kidding? Tests are no judge of capability, right?) 

You also want to avoid Infusionsoft Consultants who waste money keeping their listing updated on the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

(That's just a good ol' boys club anyway. You can vet your own eLance people just fine, can't you?)

And never, ever, ever hire an Infusionsoft Consultant who is wasting hundreds of dollars a month on their Infusionsoft application.

Why hire someone who

  • practices what they preach,
  • is a product of the product, and
  • stores dozens—even hundreds—of Campaigns, Action Sets, Follow-Up Sequences and other examples they can perfect and reference and even leverage when they work for you to ensure they are creating the most efficient, proven, effective structure inside your own Infusionsoft application?

Infusionsoft Consultant of the Year, Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.

Oh yeah, also make sure your cheap Infusionsoft consultant hasn't wasted their time or money getting certified on Infusionsoft’s membership platform, CustomerHub, either.

The last thing you want or need is someone committed to the Infusionsoft ecosystem. That just makes them blind robots.

I mean, there’s an online user guide you can reference at any time.

How meaningful is some 5 hour certification test, really?

So make sure your eLance person is not certified in any Infusionsoft platform and that they are NOT paying for their own application.

That will save you a ton of money.

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Do Not Hire Infusionsoft Authors

Victoria Granzien From Australia shares how Wes Schaeffer's book, The Definitive Guide to Infusionsoft, was a life-saver for her, so much so that she ordered a second copy that she does not share with the office staff!

If someone has written a book on Infusionsoft, created handouts and guides like the Infusionsoft Cheat Sheet, or been asked to present webinars and eBooks for Infusionsoft to share with their entire database (CRM Spring Cleaning) or created sales training content like

Become One of The 5

Keynote Speaker, Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer® Infusionsoft conference.

I mean, it takes time to write books...

To research the material...

To keep it updated...

To take the experience I’ve gathered since 1994 and document it, format it, publish it and have hundreds and even thousands of others go through it and provide feedback to ensure what I teach and recommend and actually do on my own produces results.


Make sure your eLance Infusionsoft Consultant spends their free time on Fantasy Football, playing their Xbox, joining a bowling league or just drinking beer and watching streaming movies they stole from some bit torrent site, because we all know, the number one way to keep your prices low is to keep your overhead low.

And paying full price for movies and researching and writing is all too expensive.

Having an Infusionsoft Strategy Is Overrated

Time is money and we all know taking time to strategize and to get to know your business and asking really hard, insightful questions is just too uncomfortable and laborious and painstaking and it’s just something people do to make money off of you.

Make sure your $25 eLance Infusionsoft Consultant doesn’t do any of that.

Before You Buy Any CRM...

You know what you need!

And what you need is exactly the way things should be set up.

You're the boss.

You don't need feedback or input or advice or consulting.

You just need some geek sitting in the dark, facing their computer screen who will just do exactly what you say and will not ask questions.

You want an Infusionsoft Consultant who jumps when you say jump.

You don't need to pay much for someone to start dragging Goals and Follow-Up Sequences around the Campaign Builder.

Writing great emails is easy, right? That's a 50 cent skill.

Creating the correct Goals at the right time is something a kid can do.

Tags are unlimited so just Tag everything. There, you just saved thousands of dollars.

And Tasks? So overrated. Who needs to assign a bunch of Tasks to their staff at the exact right time to make the sale? Just send an email.

You don't need HTTP posts and Action Sets that interact with third-party applications and help to supercharge your Infusionsoft application, and with a cheap eLance laborer they won't be wasting their time learning those types of things.

And you sure don't want to pay for someone who understands

  • One-click upsells and
  • Two-step web-form signups and downsells and
  • CustomerHub membership sites and the customizations you can create to upsell your members and
  • Voice broadcasts to remind your prospects of an expiring offer and
  • Fulfillment reports that are created and sent automatically to your team so your customers get their products in a timely manner and
  • eCommerce setup such as shopping cart and custom order form designs and
  • Payment plans that just work so your prospects can click a button and have money shoot out of your computer screen.

Infusionsoft Concierge clients get help with the Initial Process Assessment.

So skip the strategy and just get right into the clickety-click tactics and the DOING.

That will save you more money than a Geico lizard.

Families Are Overrated 


When someone has a family they always overcharge.

I mean, spouses and kids are such a drain and a distraction, right?

Having all of those mouths to feed isn't your responsibility, is it?

And retaining an Infusionsoft Consultant who has a sense of obligation to do a great job that will produce results for you for years to come...that will cause you to speak highly of them and rate them with five stars on the Infusionsoft Marketplace...that will then generate referrals...and their work and skill will provide all of this stability for you and their family and everyone else in the Infusionsoft community...

Well, you and I know that that type of quality and accountability and accessibility costs money to which I say...

No way, Jose!

Make sure your $25 eLance Infusionsoft Consultant is a loner.

You want them single, young, a non-homeowner, preferably just renting a small room they share with 10 other family members in a shack in a 3rd-world country—or at least in Fly-Over country here in the good ‘ol USofA—and preferably a fast food eater and energy drink consumer because those health nuts that eat organic and raw and non-GMO charge too much because that healthy food all costs too much.

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Cheap Infusionsoft Consultant Review

So in review, make sure your $25 eLance Infusionsoft Consultant is:

  • NOT Certified on any of Infusionsoft’s platforms (That’ll save $3,000 in up-front fees plus 4.5 days of travel plus $1,500 per year.)
  • NOT paying for an active Infusionsoft account. (That’ll save them $200 to $400 per month.)
  • Keeping everything documented in their head. (Storage accounts like Evernote or AmazonS3 cost $100 per year or more.)
  • Has never taken the time to create any books, CDs, podcasts, membership sites, or any other helpful tools and resources to document what they know so you can buy them or even be given them when you become a client because the months and years it takes making those resources just eats up time they could be playing Xbox or binge drinking, which helps good $25 eLance Infusionsoft Consultants relax, which is the secret to being great at anything. Relax and have a great vision board.
  • Not insisting you start with a strategy session. Strategy is over-rated. Cut twice and measure once, right? Ahhhh…You want someone that will just do as you command because you know best, dammit.
  • A loner. You want a hermit, preferably someone living in a shack, hacking into his neighbor’s Wifi, running a five year old Dell Netbook he got on eBay for $57 with a bootlegged Window’s XP and no anti-virus software, because we all know anti-virus software just slows down your computer and costs money and no good $25 eLance Infusionsoft Consultant will EVER add that type of expense to his business.

So I really hope that this video helps you get your own $25 eLance Infusionsoft Consultant.

Heck, with this knowledge you can probably get them down to $20 or even $15 per hour if you really push hard.

Because saving money and bleeding your consultants and workers to the bone is the name of the game, right?

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Now go sell something.