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Why Your Keynote Speech Should Fail, With Grant Baldwin

The 5 Steps To Becoming a Paid Speaker

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • How to get more paid speaking gigs
  • Hopium is not a strategy
  • The 5 steps to get paid speaking gigs
    • Select a Problem to Solve
    • Prepare and Deliver Your Talk
    • Establish Your Expertise
    • Acquire Paid Speaking Gigs
    • Know When to Scale
  • Be the steakhouse, not the buffet
  • Get your website and demo reel up
  • Reach out and speak to people who already put on events

Eat This To Sell More

  • What are your speaking goals?
    • Wanna speak 75 times a year? You better have a broad talk.
    • Wanna speak a few times a year? You can be more focused.
    • What's the market demand/interest?
  • See if there are other speakers in your niche/industry and at the same stage/level in their careers/life
  • You need to see other speakers in the area. It proves there is need/want/demand.
  • You'll never be sure so get started. You can evolve your talk. "It's not a tattoo."
  • Give the same talk with "modules" but unique points/examples for the audience
  • If you're having to create a brand new talk each time you speak...you're in trouble
  • You need the feedback to make your talk better so have a standard speech
  • When you should speak for free. Know why you're doing it.
  • How to know your fees
  • When to use slides
  • Slides should be an enhancement, not a replacement for your talk
  • The audience takes their cues from you
  • Why Grant hopes you fail in your talk

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