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Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick Two.

How To Make The Sale So You Both Win

Like always, your prospects are overwhelmed.

In the past, as consumers, we were overwhelmed with frustration because we couldn't easily find the information we needed to make an informed purchase. 

Today we are overwhelmed because we access to too much information and we can't decide which is the best option to meet our needs.

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So we do what all scared, wounded, trapped creatures do: we lash out at our perceived opponent—The Salesperson.

Yeah, ACME Hardware? Look, I'm fine. The weather's fine. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Look, I need your best price on your best drill and I need it now and I need you do have it ready for me to pick it up and I need you to train me on it as soon as I come in and I need you to beat the price of the other guys and I need you to match their warranty, too.
Yeah, you heard me right. I want it Good, Fast, and Cheap. What's so hard to understand about that? Why do you think I'm being unreasonable? Look, do you want my money or not?"

How do you respond in this situation?

How do you keep your cool while keeping the sales opportunity alive.

How do you eventually make the sale?

Become One of The 5

If you can get a drill, a pair of name brand tennis shoes, a toaster oven, even a car at a good price, take it and enjoy.

Negotiate Products. Pay For Services.

But when you want help to grow in an area of your life from golf to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to sales and marketing it's better to spend more than you wanted than less than you should.

A Dewalt drill purchased from Lowe's at 50% off on a Black Friday deal will work just as well and just as long as the Dewalt drill your buddy bought a month earlier at full price.

But any coach, consultant, virtual assistant, or employee that you beat down to work at a deep discount WILL NOT do the same level of work if you had paid them what they asked and held them accountable to produce results according to the pay.

So cut deals on stuff so you can afford to pay good people well. You'll be glad you did.

Now go sell something.