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Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick Two. (When and How to Be a TAD In Sales.)

How To Make The Sale So You Both Win

Your prospects are overwhelmed.

They were overwhelmed before the internet.

They are overwhelmed now.

They were overwhelmed before COVID.

They were overwhelmed before the holidays.

They were overwhelmed before the recession.

They are overwhelmed now that the recession is here.

They'll be overwhelmed when the recession is over.

Society is overwhelmed, in part, because it's a badge of honor.

Replying to "How are you?" with "I'm busy. Busy, busy, busy. Sooo busy." is expected.

It proves you're important...needed...in demand...or some bullshit like that.

And guess what: it's a feature, not a bug of how our world is set up today.

For more info on that, check out this post and podcast episode on "Stolen Focus."

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In the past, as consumers, we were overwhelmed and frustrated because we couldn't easily find the data we needed to make an informed buying decision. 

Today we are overwhelmed because we have access to too much information, and we can't find the signal in the noise.

And studies have proven that a confused mind says "no."

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So we do what all scared, wounded, trapped creatures do: we lash out at our perceived opponent—The Salesperson.

"Yeah, ACME Hardware? Look, I'm fine. The weather's fine. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Look, I need your best price on your best drill and I need it now and I need you do have it ready for me to pick it up and I need you to train me on it as soon as I come in and I need you to beat the price of the other guys and I need you to match their warranty, too."

"Yeah, you heard me right. I want it Good, Fast, and Cheap. What's so hard to understand about that? Why do you think I'm being unreasonable? Look, do you want my money or not?""

How do you respond in this situation?

How do you keep your cool while keeping the sales opportunity alive?

How do you eventually make the sale to a prospect who comes at you full of bluster, confusion, and maybe full of shit?


Become One of The 5


Go All "TAD" On Them

When prospects show up like this, you need to get them off their game, which requires responding to them in a manner they do not expect.

So thank them.

"Mr. Prospect, thank you for thinking of us and giving us the opportunity to earn your business."

Then apologize to them.

"But based on the specifications you're asking for/demanding, I'm sorry to say that we may not be the store/company/firm/agency for you."

Then decline their demand.

"So it looks like we'll have to decline your request as you've laid it out. However, if anything changes, or if you get some quotes/bids you don't like, we'll be happy to discuss it with you and see if we can't find some middle ground that works for both of us."

(So TAD is Thank. Apologize. Decline.)

Then shut up.

Maybe they hang up.

Maybe they cuss you out and hang up.

Maybe they cuss you out...and ask what terms you need to change. (Ha!)

Maybe they calm down...apologize...take a deep breath...explain why they're just not themselves...explain their situation...and ask what you'd recommend...or how you can help (YES!! Now we're getting somewhere.)

But, for sure, you do not freak out. You do not bend over backward. You do not stop everything you're doing, i.e., supporting good customers, rational customers, happy customers, customers who pay top dollar and appreciate all you do for them, just to attempt to satisfy this stranger because you think you have to sell to anyone at any price or you'll get a bad Yelp review or some other such nonsense.

So while it may not be fun or cool to be a Karen or a Brad, it's perfectly acceptable to be a TAD.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.