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Never Sit In The Lobby: 57 Sales Success Factors With Glenn Poulos

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Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • "Never Sit In The Lobby"
  • Stand up, don't play on the phone, don't be talking, don't show up too early
  • Be ready to engage when the prospect comes out
  • Pay attention
  • Like being a linebacker, keep your head on a swivel

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  • The call book factor
  • Always ask for a mini-tour
  • Mini-tours are easy
  • Always show up with something in your hand and something in your mind
Always show up with something in your hand and something in your mind."
  • Never fax the facts or ship the shit
  • Greed-based learning
  • Active listening vs. listening to respond
  • Learn and practice empathy vs. sympathy and compassion
  • Don't just be deflecting
  • "Gratitude is a verb"

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  • Show your gratitude. Show you are grateful.
  • Don't confuse marketing with selling
Never fax the facts or ship the shit."
  • "$10 million in diamonds."

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