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Get a better problem

Your problem in business is that you need to find a better—or worse, i.e. bigger/more widespread—problem.

Zig Ziglar was famous for the line that you can get anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want in life.

Too often I hear the well-meaning advice to just "follow your passion and work won't be work."

There are a couple of problems with that advice:

  1. There may be no money in your passion because not enough people want or need the thing that floats your boat.
  2. If you work you rear off to make money at your passion, you may lose your passion for the thing that is now an obligation.

(There's actually a third and fourth problem with most endeavors, namely poor marketing and fear of sales, but that's not the point here.)

Ask me your question

A dude in sandals 2,000 years ago came to serve and told us to be servants.

When applied to business, Jesus was telling us to be problem solvers, to help those in need, to find a gap and fill it, to scratch where it itches.

For example, in business...

  • The investors on the show "Shark Tank" solve money and manufacturing and distribution and marketing problems for entrepreneurs.
  • Surgeons solve life and death problems.
  • Athletes solve entertainment and bragging rights problems for the masses.
  • Sam Walton solved great selection at affordable prices problems for the masses.

And therein lies one of the secrets to entrepreneurial success.

"Cater to the Masses. Eat with the Classes"

If you want to be rich, make it your passion to find problems that irk a lot of people with money and help them address those problems.

Note that I did not say YOU have to fix those problems.

A lot of times you can simply be the intermediary, the matchmaker, the broker much like Bill Gates did with providing DOS to IBM, your grocery store does with bread and milk, and banks do with our own money. (You didn't think banks lent their own money, did you?)

If you are a trusted resource with access to quality problem solvers, people will pay you for your introductions.

Look at Angie's List and Craigslist.

They don't fix any problem but they provide the medium or exchange for people with problems to find problem solvers.

You can do the same thing.

Now go find some better and bigger problems.

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Good Selling,