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Close Bigger Enterprise Deals Faster With Fluint

  • Make complex sales faster
  • Not just one decision-maker
  • Not just one sales call
  • Your internal champion needs to be empowered to carry your key points
  • Your internal champion is an expert in their problems
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Craft sales content that's guaranteed to close."
  • Develop content around the buyer's own words
  • Work as a team with the champion
  • This helps you follow good practices
  • Stay on track with good processes
  • Conversation, intelligence, sales enablement
  • Current processes are too manual and labor intensive
  • Make it easy to follow more of a buyer-enablement focused process
  • I rehabilitate salespeople and train their managers
  • Most sales managers are massaging the reports their salespeople provide
  • You need sales processes to scale
  • Stages on Workspace
  • Uses various plan templates
  • Positive and Negative keywords
  • Listens in real time to find the keywords and create content blocks
  • Gong, Chorus, etc. help salesreps deliver the right pitch during the meeting
  • Fluint helps capture content for the follow-up
  • Invite Champion into the workspace
  • Develop the message with the champion
  • He started this on Google Docs to see if buyers would share this across the organization
  • He did $1 million by using Google Docs, but why aren't other sales teams doing this?
    • It was hard to build the content
    • Conversations got lost in the email threads
  • This is one dedicated process for all sales reps to follow
  • Get notified of new activity
  • Free beta right now but you must provide feedback

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