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Faith in the Future = Power in the Present

Today Has No Meaning...

To most people in America.

We have short attention spans, a need for instant gratification, and an entitlement mentality, which, when combined with safe zones and trigger warnings made possible by tenured professors with agendas in our archaic, dysfunctional "education" system, we have become a a nation of softies.

SIDEBAR: As of 1:47 PM PST today (12/7/15), #PearlHarbor has 70.2K Tweets while Star Wars has 180K Tweets. Heck, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's baby, "Saint West," has 132k Tweets. Need I say more?

But great leaders will never forget December 7, 1941.

74 years ago—5,652 miles from New York City— 2,403 Americans were killed and another 1,178 wounded in a surprise attack on our Navy in Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese underestimated our resolve and less than four years later we took away their will to continue to wage war.

To win so decisively despite such a major setback required our nation's leaders to go all-in. FDR and Eisenhower had faith in our future. That gave them the power they needed in their present moment.

They knew that in the history of mankind, nothing great was ever achieved by "dabblers."

Well of course they went all-in,"

I can hear you say.

We were attacked and nothing less than the future of the world was at stake."


But aren't you and I being attacked as well?

  • There are literal attacks like 9/11 and San Bernardino (just 46 miles from me)
  • There are attacks on our attention from social media and junk mail and ESPN and every other form of entertainment
  • There are attacks on our businesses from honest competitors, unethical competitors, competitors across the street, and competitors across the globe

So let me ask you something: have the setbacks in your life taken away your will to drink less, wake up early, hit the ground running, and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to achieve not only success, but significance?

Maybe you've forgotten our nation's history.
Maybe you've forgotten your own history.
Maybe you're using your own history as an excuse.

But let me assure you, the nation needs you at your best, and you will not Tweet your way to riches any sooner than you will booze your way to physical health.

To achieve anything worth mentioning...
To be anyone worth following...
To be anyone worth remembering...

Takes work, effort, time, focus, and a plan.

What's your plan to end the year strong, to begin the year stronger, and to not only maintain but nurture your faith in the future so you have the daily power you need in the present to create the future you and your children deserve?

Merry Christmas and Remember Pearl Harbor.