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Verify, Launch, Grow In Any Economy, Meet Evan Powell of Reprise

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Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Reprise is the only enterprise-class demo creation platform that delivers both interactive product tours and live demos to its users. Reprise gives teams the power to control the narrative of their demos, deliver custom product experiences, and track usage — without developer involvement.
  • Was singing in an Acappella group in college and managed them.
  • The TV show "Glee," contacted them to sing for them.
  • He found out he liked sales, negotiation, and making more money.
  • So he started looking for sales jobs.
  • Sold for Dow Chemicals.
  • Wanted to get into tech.

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  • His girlfriend at the time (now his wife) was working at a venture fund.
  • Got into selling sales analytics.
  • He looked at over 500 sales organizations.
  • Was managing a team when he left to get a Masters at MIT.
  • A professor he knew told him to go start a company.
  • A friend had an idea, and they decided to run with it together.
  • His friend knew that building demo environments was difficult and sucked.
  • You don't want your engineers spending all of their time creating demos.
  • You need tools even a knuckle-dragging salesperson can use it!


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  • Raised C-round in May 2020 and signed their first customer through an existing relationship within 60 days.
  • This lets customers set this up so prospects can do a guided tour on their site.
  • Your core concept must be compelling.
  • Their first customer had an active project in development, and Reprise was there at the right time.
  • There was trust as well due to an existing relationship.
  • Offer direct attention to the bleeding edge new customers.
  • They were more like launch partners than customers.
  • Find those excited to do new things.
  • His co-founders had raised money before.
  • U.S.-based but fully remote.
You build trust through delivering on current relationships consistently."
  • Remote teams have enabled them to hire the best.
  • Annual full-company meetup.
  • Teams get together regularly.


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