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Eric Lofholm: From Sales Failure To Overnight Success

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Eric Lofholm rose up from sales failure in 1992 to sales champion, sales trainer and sales author.

Eric went from "worst to first in 60 days" when he received professional training from Dr. Donald Moine who wrote "Unlimited Selling Power."

He then went on to work for Tony Robbins and then launched his own training company in 1999.

When he learned a system, a sales process, things fell into place.

Technology and social media today help you create leverage and multiple touch points to grow your sales.

Technology is a tool but it doesn't create a connection. Most people need that human element to build trust. Especially when it comes to joint ventures and collaborative relationships. You need to go break bread.

In Eric's new book, "Everybody Sells," he addresses how everyone, attorneys, etc. understand they need to market and sell and everyone is more open to sales training than ever.

Four levels of group training. Level One is Sales Processes followed by Sales Scripting in Level Two. The idea is you need to know what to do and when to do it. You need to be prepared for what comes up in prospecting and selling situation.

Words and sequences that have meaning is the definition of a script. Once you realize that "winging it" is still a script, you embrace scripting. This actually frees you up to make better connections when you learn the language of selling and connecting.

People respond in predictable ways.

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Professionals leave nothing to chance.

Eric Lofholm is a natural introvert but when you are following a sales system and a structure to follow you can succeed in sales and there is hope for you.

We want the prospect to say "Yes" unless we want them to say "No." The old adage of always go for "Yes" has changed.

Are sales trainers a threat to a sales manager? No. Things have changed. The environment has changed. I work in harmony with the sales management team to reach a common goal.

You can't polish a tennis shoe. (Not everyone is trainable.) Eric needs some talent to work with at your sales organization.

What's your "energy advantage?" Basically, make sure your style and preferences are in line with your sales duties.

Marketing touches beat just cold calling. Blend multi-media to achieve multi-touches in your prospecting sequences.

Prospecting and Sales success starts with your intention. Follow "stage selling." Making the sale with the gatekeeper / receptionist is the first sale! Build rapport and be friendly with that receptionist.

You have to help them tilt the sales teeter-totter in your favor. You have time on one side and value on the other. Prove to them that you'll provide value for the time you'll take.

Be creative and leverage contacts and social media, etc. to get your foot in the door. If you commitment is to reach that person you'll convey that message and that intention and you'll do what it takes to make it happen.

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Embrace a sales script.

Then learn it. Then weave in and out of the script to leverage your creativity and personality to excel at sales.

Dr. Moine referenced research that showed selling skills beat engineering knowledge in a study but it's all about connecting with people.

Eric's new book focuses on this sales process.

Eric offers one to four free training sessions per month. Sign up at his site below.

Eric does live training because it's what he loves doing. He offers a 3-hour, live, interactive, professional sales training once per month. It's free and high-quality. The energy is different. He's in Facebook during the training. It has reduced his need to do hotel ballroom training. This live interaction bonds Eric's students to him.

Anyone listening to this podcast or reading this post can succeed in sales. You can improve and be more successful and have more confidence. Hope. Possibility and Improvement.

Learn more about Eric Lofholm and his services at SalesChampion.com.

Get Eric Lofholm's newest book, The System: The Proven 3-Step Formula Anyone Can Learn to Get More Leads, Book More Appointments, and Make More Sales.

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