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A Plastic Chair Can Get You There. The Power of Intrinsic Motivation.

 Ella (now 13) & Me At Mission Inn Dec 2014

Ella is was 8 in December 2015.

She was the baby of six when I first wrote this. Now she's a big sister to Ava, who is now going on two 6.5.

When Ella wanted to ride her bike a few years ago, she didn't let anything stand in her way.

One time she asked if I would watch her while she rode her bike out front and I said I would.

As I go out the front door I hear the garage door opening and what do I see but Ella with her little helmet and pink bike blazing down the driveway.

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Near the doorway to the garage from our house was a white plastic chair. The height of the chair plus Ella equals the height of the garage door opener, which had to be clicked in order for her to go ride her bike outside.

She wasn't giving excuses or whining about how high the garage door opener was or that she was too little to go outside.

Ella wanted to ride and she was going to ride no matter what. She had the same intrinsic motivation we're all born with to achieve our goals.

Are you that committed to your goals?

When you are 100% committed you'll find your own tools and make your own success to enable you to blaze your own trail.

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