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Ed Latimore Knocks Out Your Objections on The Sales Podcast

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Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Former heavyweight boxer
  • 78k followers on Instagram, 191.5k followers on Twitter
  • Got his physics degree at 33
  • Enlisted to get money for school
  • Liked math for the career path
  • Liked electronics in the Army then found physics

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  • Transferred from community college.
  • SEO is tough but worth it.
  • He has mastered his E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trust).
  • He wanted a website with great traffic.
  • Publishers want to see your platform and credentials.
  • His first two books were self-published.
  • First started using social media and realized the importance of having an audience.


Join The Club

  • The more people you can reach, the more people you can sell to, and the more money you can make.
  • There's no disadvantage to having an audience.
  • Twitter is a late-Millennial thing.
  • His friend helped him grow his Twitter account but he used some shady software so Ed had to take back control.
  • He has a life outside of social media.
  • It's all about being me.
  • He writes about the things that interest him.
  • He's a walking, talking, ever-growing and evolving resume.
Jobs find me."
  • SEO and marketing consulting.
  • "People are kinda bad at writing. I was bad at writing, too, when I started this."
  • He now has lots of practice writing and he studies other writers.
  • His training in physics helped him learn to think and express himself and prove his points.
  • Nine years sober.
  • Lots of emotions around going sober.
  • Still working on his big contribution to society.
  • You can't manufacture empathy.
  • As long as you're in the game you win the game.
  • Patch the holes in the bucket.
  • Go make more money: Take a second job or a side hustle or a roommate or whatever!
  • Change how you think.
  • Ed used to be bad with money.
  • He was 23 and got the second boot on his car and he needed a loan from a friend that took him four months to pay back but he kept making the same mistakes.
  • He learned if he ate better he felt better at work.
  • If he lived closer to work he could save money on commuting.
  • He was looking towards the future.
  • He kept his little car until he got t-boned.
  • The best things in life is to realize what's important so you can stop chasing what is not important.
  • Your attachment to material things keeps you from developing.
  • "Grew up poor and hood as hell." Now gets to travel and he is seeing how little he needs to be happy.


Direct response copywriter, Matt Welch on The Sales Podcast 55


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