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Dustin Mathews: No B.S. Presentations

Everything in life is a presentation

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Can one great presentation make you rich?
  • Why me? Why not me?
  • He was afraid to speak.
  • Was forced to speak and overcame the fear and saw the benefit
  • He has a baby face but people older than him would buy from him
  • Make multiple high-end sales at once
  • Founding Partner of Speaking Empire
  • Student at FSU and had to take a class in public speaking to graduate (300 students in an auditorium)
  • He had to give three presentations in front of the entire class and he dropped it
  • He looked for an online class or a smaller class...but didn't find it
  • He dropped it again
  • He found a loophole to get out of taking the class
  • He told his partner this story and he had to cover for his partner or he wouldn't have a job
  • He followed the presentation and people sold
  • Get people excited and take action
  • He was the computer nerd / marketing guy in the background
  • They sold hard and had a hot product so it worked but they were doing it wrong (2004-2005)
  • Ran a sales territory in Florida and they realized they had to do seminars
  • They'd invite a more skilled presenter in but Dustin gave the demo of the software
  • Use tools like Podcasts, Facebook Live, etc. to have leverage of your voice and presence to go one-to-many
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Work on smaller groups to perfect your big pitch
  • Join a mastermind to shorten your learning curve
  • Find someone with an audience to put you in front of them
    • It can be a leap of faith for the list owner
    • Give them the slides ahead of time
    • Present to the list owner first to build confidence and deliver value up front
  • Go for live to convert max dollar but do both virtual/remote and live in person
  • He likes to "sing for his supper"
    • Speak for free
    • Allowed to pitch and sell from the back of the room
  • The value / avalanche close still works
    • The formula still works
    • Deals
    • Gifts with purchase (bonus)
    • Fast-action bonus
    • Get small closes / yeses throughout
    • In Corporate you may get opt-ins and the close may be for just an appointment
  • Don't wait until the end to close
  • Give value throughout
  • Give out resources like checklists and infographics
  • If you have influence / relationships / a good list then do your own events
  • If you have relationships with influencers then ask to be on their stage
  • He stacks the deck to get opt-ins
    • Mobile: "Take out your phone right now" (while taking out his own phone)
    • Doing Facebook Messenger now as well
    • Always have a backup (paper)
  • Don't do your whole presentation on Facebook Live unless that's how you need to push yourself
    • Five parts to a presentation
    • Body: Your success methodology 
      • Take components of this and test it on Facebook and ask for comments and input
      • This helps you test different elements
  • Everything in life is a presentation
    • Disneyland
  • The fortune is in the follow-up
  • Take inventory of what you have
  • Buy his book
  • The Amplify Experience
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