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Seize The Opportunity In Front of You and Grow It, Duane Spires

Simple equals scalable



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Simple equals scalable!
  • Summer camp and after-school programs.
  • Elevate, Evolve, Enroll.
  • Came from little money, and despite a 75% scholarship, he had to make more money
  • Saw an ad for "hiring blackbelts."
  • He was hired by a "sketchy" dude to teach martial arts to kids in rec centers.
  • He saw how the company was dropping the ball in the areas of customer service.
  • Started doing his own thing.
  • Rec centers took 30% of gross but no rent, and the rec center did the promotions.

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  • He followed Dan Kennedy and marketed the way he taught.
  • Knocked on the doors of daycare centers, and the first one hired him.
  • His first client asked, "how much is it to register" and he asked, "Well, what's fair?"
  • His girlfriend was a cheerleader, so they added cheerleading, and his business doubled.
  • His next girlfriend was a dance teacher.
  • He met a guy who was a tennis teacher.
  • Now he's at 2,000 students and doing 7-figures in his early 20s.
  • Then the 2008 recession hit, and in early 2009 he started to feel it.
  • His classes were low-cost, and kids just started canceling.
  • He created a campaign in Keap so parents could automatically cancel!
  • Got down to maybe 400 students.
  • He didn't fire anyone.
  • Suddenly he was strapped and didn't know how to budget.


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  • 2010 he's in a weird mood on the beach, alone. It's dark, and he walks out into the ocean and prays.
  • "Summercamp" comes to him.
  • He asked his wife her thoughts on the idea.
  • He blasts an email about a summer camp to his list, and within two days, he had 50 kids who signed up for summer camp.
  • He had no idea what to do, and kids were just hanging out, and he was figuring it out.
  • The kids loved it, and so did the parents.
  • Parents asked what they'd do for an after-school event.
  • So he started it.
  • Found an old van at a church for sale and buys it.
  • Suddenly he has 200 kids and keeps growing.
  • He joined a coaching program, and it was terrible, so he launched his own course.
  • Now he has 500 programs around the world.
Simple equals scalable."
  • He did a speaking engagement in LA at the end of 2019 and saw a lot of international travelers with masks on, and he thought it was weird.
  • He spoke in Oakland and got super sick and thinks it was COVID.
  • The first week of February, he addressed this with his members.
  • He and Lauren prayed for guidance.
  • "Let everyone go for free."
  • So they made a video and offered everything for free, so we'd all stay in this together.
  • Lost $100k/mo in revenue almost immediately.
  • Created an e-learning program.
  • This helped all of his members stay open as "essential businesses."
  • They made more money than ever (his clients).
  • He then doubled the size of his business.


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  • His next big move is scaling and doing more paid traffic vs. organic.
  • This is a great daytime revenue source.
  • Even churches with facilities.
  • Grow revenue and change kids' lives.
  • He speaks a lot to entrepreneurs, and he and his wife do marriage coaching.
  • When your personal life improves, your business grows.
Don't mistake a little bit of movement with momentum."
  • Hasn't had a drink in over two years.
  • He started questioning everything in his life.
  • Booze had no benefit.
  • "I am a non-drinker."
  • You start to change your environment.
  • You join masterminds, business centers, etc., and you grow.
  • Who's in your top five?
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Business
    • Hobby
  • Write down everyone in those key circles.
    • Out of those people, who wins when you win?
    • Who in your circle feels as though they lose when you win?
    • Who in my circles wins when I lose?
  • If we had the ability to solve our own problems, we'd be levels ahead.

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