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Master Communication At Work and In Sales With Dr. Ethan Becker

Speak better to persuade better

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • What is proper speech?
  • Accents are less of a concern today vs. 15-20 years ago
  • There is a difference between executive coaching and executive communication coaching
  • The only 3 ways to persuade anyone to do anything.
  • How important is your articulation in selling?
  • Does grammar matter?
  • Does my accent help or hurt me?
  • Best way to practice
  • What if I get nervous?
  • What are the best presentation skill techniques?

Eat This To Sell More

Meet them where they are."
  • Groom the dialogue and conversation naturally
  • "Flavor of the month" for sales training
  • How toxic salespeople are created in your business
  • Move 'em. Improve 'em. Lose 'em.
  • How important is non-verbal communication?
  • Become self-aware
  • Aristotle's role in modern communication
  • Three ways people are persuaded
    • Ethos: credibility, ethics, reputation (but it's relative)
    • Pathos: persuaded by emotion
    • Logos: logic
  • How to use "the deck" from marketing
  • How to use—or not use—NLP
  • How to reason per Aristotle
    • Inductive
    • Deductive
  • "So how much is this going to cost?"
    • Traditional sales training says to offer value before giving the price, but if this is a deductive reasoner/buyer, you'll get yourself into trouble.
  • Watch their body language
  • Skip ahead if you need to
  • Be willing to pause
  • Know what the main point it
  • Ask more questions
  • Matching is not mirroring
  • In customer service this is important
  • Your voice has a psychological impact on the listener
  • Sales managers need to let their inductive salespeople communicate
    • Don't say "Timeout. Just get to the point!"
    • Instead say, "This is great. Can you boil this down for me in a deductive manner?"
  • Be careful with assimilation in your communication

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