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Does Your Why Make You Cry?

Is your soul and heart, mind and attention, blood, tears and sweat given to that which occupies your workaday life?

Does a tear (or three) literally wet your eyes when you fall short of your daily, weekly or annual goals?

Or do you find yourself going through the motions? Just doing the minimum to make the boss happy or to keep clients from complaining?

Until you are so passionate about your "why" you actually cry when you don't reach your goals you will find your career (and probably your life) a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

In 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 your goals were either:

  • Met.
  • Exceeded.
  • Far exceeded.
  • Missed.
  • Absent.
  • Wrong.


That's why, at this time of the year you must always take a few moments—even days—to evaluate the past and prepare for the future.

This year you REALLY need to do this.

This year is different.

2012, 2015, 2017 more than ever, you must question EVERYTHING such as:

  • What is "The American Dream?" Is it your dream or Madison Avenue's dream or Freddie Mac's dream?
  • Is a corporation-funded pension or a gyrating 401(k) the foundation of your "golden years?"
  • Do you have to wait until you're 65 or 75 to live your "golden years?"
  • Is one or two or 538 corrupt politicians with their hands in the pockets of lobbyists the only way jobs (your job?) will be created in 2012 and 2017 and 2027?
  • Why does that schmuck down the street make more money, drive a nicer car, give more to charities and smile more than you when you know more than he does, work harder than he does, are more likeable than he is and care more about your clients than he ever will?
  • Is social media really the secret to your success?
  • Is cold calling really dead?
  • Do you think you're not ready to join a Mastermind program?

Now's the time to bust out your history books—the REAL history books—and internalize what it took to discover and colonize this nation, to fight against the most powerful nation in the world for our freedom, to head West (with no pension or unemployment or government health care) as part of our Manifest Destiny and to become the most powerful nation in our own right.

You have it in you to create your own Manifest Destiny. You have it in you to forge your own path to success as defined by you.

Yeah, yeah, I know. The economy is tough.

You know what?

It won't get better any time soon, which begs the question: How long will you use the excuse of the economy (or some other convenient, publicly-acceptable "reason") to put off your own goals, dreams and desires?

Nobody we know of ever did anything worth a damn "waiting it out," "hunkering down," "keeping their head down."

2011 to 2016 was a were great years for me.

In 2011 2014 2016 I invested in more training programs, more certifications, more partnerships, more affiliate relationships and more group and private coaching and read more books on sales, marketing and persuasion than any year in my life. (Do you see a trend here?)

Is it any surprise to hear that I also made more money easier in 2011 2016 while others were still "hunkering down" or "waiting for the other shoe to drop" or waiting on the election or something else beyond their control?

In 2012 2017, all areas above will grow for me.

On purpose.

By design.

Would you like to grow in 2012 2017 on purpose?

Check out the program below or just contact me and we'll set a time to speak.

Good Selling,