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Denial is not a river in Egypt

Yesterday I talked about why we're happy being miserable.

Today I want to talk about why you're both denying that I'm right and why denial is part of your issue.

There's an old saying that if you tell the truth it's part of your past, and if you tell a lie it's part of your future.

Now I'm not saying you're telling lies to others, but you're lying to yourself on a daily basis, which is why the bad choices you continue to make remain a part of your today and will continue to hold you back tomorrow, which limits your future.

So own up to what is holding you back. Come face to face with your demons. Stand up and be counted.

They say that admitting you have an issue is the first step to recovery when overcoming an addiction.

So what addictions are crippling you today?

Here are just a few of the addictions you're denying

I think we have an addiction to mediocrity and fitting in.

We have an addiction to sex and celebrity sex symbols and emulating them by taking the perfect selfie and pursuing the fountain of youth via pills, potions, juices, and surgeries.

An extension of the addiction to seeking the fountain of youth, we have an addiction to worshipping athletes just because they're fast and strong (and turn a blind eye to their off-the-field transgressions).

We have an addiction to our politicians and turn a blind eye to what they do in their "private lives" because "character doesn't matter," right? 

We have an addiction to gadgets and gizmos and trinkets.

We are addicted to thinking money is evil. (It's "the root of all evil," but I discussed that before the other day here and a while ago here.)

We have an addiction to "Netflix and chill."

We have an addiction to sugar and processed foods.

We have an addiction to social media.

We have an addiction to checking email.

We have an addiction to avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

We have an addiction to denying that we have the power and the ability to make a difference both in our own lives, which will enable us to make a difference in the lives of others.

And there's no denying that.

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