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The Proper Mix of AI + Humans To Grow Sales With David Tal

How to grow sales when emails and phone calls stop working 



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast ...

  • Humans + technology is always the proper mix.
  • AI is becoming more accessible.
  • Use it to write letters to investors...or poems for your wife!
  • Conversational AI + texting
  • Automate the engagement with prospects

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  • Works with big brands, law firms, universities, etc.
  • Get hold of interested students who don't answer their phones
  • 87% of phone calls are unanswered
  • Working with first-party data.
  • No cold texting/spam, which is illegal.
  • The customer is king.
  • Most users are frustrated with chat widgets.
  • Drift has bots, and it can be frustrating and when they close that tab, they're gone forever.
  • "Verse Capture" brings the text option up quickly.
  • Customers are seeing 20-30% lifts.


Join the Internal Dialogue Selling System. The best sales training program you'll ever find.

  • They have "conversation designers."
  • They work off of templates and from scratch.
  • Works with all demographics.
  • SMS is like Google, it's the biggest challenge.
  • Use email once the relationship is established.
  • Only 22% of marketing emails are opened.
  • You have to find out who the decision-makers are.
  • Once you get a toehold, a beachhead, you can leverage it to scale.
  • He's not seeing a recession.
Only 22% of marketing emails are opened. "



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