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Play. Pause. Do. Grow. Daniel Ramsey Explains on The Sales Podcast

Leverage Teams Properly To Grow

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Every CEO struggles with staffing
  • If you want to scale your business you need to master a blended staffing model with U.S.-based and overseas staff
  • Make an impact in the world by leveraging overseas staff
  • Overseas staff can be as honest or dishonest as staff in the United States
  • Daniel's team actually screens, interviews, and verifies your workers
  • Now serves over 5,000 entrepreneurs
  • Have a plan for onboarding and nurturing your virtual staff
  • Out of 400 requests last month they only took on 75 new clients

Eat This To Sell More

  • Instantly scale your business with virtual assistants
  • They can facilitate 70-80% of your sales process from overseas
  • You get a full-time VA, not a "pod" of workers who can backfill for one another
  • Be clear about expectations of your staff
  • Focus on the right tools
  • Sales dev, Marketing coordinates, Operations
  • He started with India and China for staff and had poor results in 2007 until he found Lily in The Philippines
  • Moved to South America for six months and his business grew
  • Play. Pause. Do.
  • Make videos every time you do something. Hand it to your VA to make a checklist.
  • 90% of your business can be delegated
  • Slow down. Think. Document. Get the magic out of your brain.
  • Get to the gym. Spend time with the family. And still grow.
  • "What do I need to do" pushes you over the edge into the abyss.
  • Ask "Who do I need to hire?"

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