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Increase Your Ecommerce Sales With Unific

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What You'll Learn In This Episode of The CRM Sushi Podcast...

  • Dan Kurt, founder of Unific
  • Revenue Conduit founder
  • Recognized pain their customers experienced
  • Most automation platforms aren’t built for eCommerce customers
  • Raised $1.5 million this year and launched
  • Shopify only for now (they have a great API)
  • Nearly 70% of shopping carts end up abandoned
  • Order confirmation emails are opened 60-70%
  • Single-usage expiring coupon codes
  • Built for multi-hat entrepreneurs (fulfillment, marketing, sales, everything) and they’re short on time and work with small teams.
  • Both have low-hanging fruit.
  • He looked at nearly 3,000 Shopify Plus stores and abandoned cart on all of them to test them to see how they were recovering their shoppers.
    • Shopify Plus is not cheap so he assumed they were using best practices but 50% were using the default emails from Shopify with no segmentation, no customization, etc.
    • You need to send an email within 15 min and within 24 hours and another day.
    • It can be the same email and you’ll convert more lost sales.
  • He can segment shoppers based on best customers vs. new prospects.
    • Total number of orders
    • Delays
    • Sequences
    • Bought 1 Time within last 30 days
  • Increased volume helps you get more granular with your segmentation
  • Has end goals to start and stop sequences
  • New customer welcome
    • Start it with the order confirmation
    • Segment and upsell
  • Coupon codes
    • Abandoned Cart - Non-Customer - Cart Value Greater Than $xxx.00
    • single use
    • Dynamically-generated
    • Entire order or selected products
    • Set Active Dates

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