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Dan Lok Is The King of High-Ticket Sales

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | December 04

Read your prospects to sell how they want to buy

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Iron Man suit!
  • Immigrated to Canada when he was 14 years old with his mom and didn't know English
  • Parents divorced two years later
  • His dad went bankrupt in Hong Kong one year later
  • He couldn't let his family down
  • He heard his mom crying on the phone behind a closed door as she was speaking with his dad and that look of hopelessness on her face hit him hard
  • Worked in a supermarket for one year bagging groceries for one year
  • Immigrants are 2x to 3x more likely to become millionaires. It's the "immigrant edge."
Get The 21 Sales Secrets
  • ]Worked 12-15 hours a day for five years straight
  • Doesn't drink
  • Doesn't watch ball games
  • He made the decision
  • He paid the price
  • Started his first business mowing lawns in high school
  • Had vending machines and a bunch of failure—13 in all—before he found "success"
  • Read Tony Robbins, Napolean Hill, seminars, etc.
  • They helped to a degree but it was his mentor that changed things for him
  • He worked for his mentor for a year for almost nothing
  • Started his one-man advertising agency like "Mad Men"
  • Was making $10k to $12k per month in his early 20's
  • Now he was living and he got a taste of success
  • People are frustrated. They want better for themselves and their families. Attending conferences makes them feel like they are doing something.
  • How to find a good mentor / coach
    • Have they been there and done that?
    • Do they make most of their money selling you stuff or do they make their money doing what they teach?
    • Do their values align with yours?
  • There are a lot of fakes out there
  • Be transparent and authentic
  • When you focus on your customers you earn their respect
  • His passion is martial arts and posts them on YouTube and his top advisors told him not to do it because it would blur the brand and he has grown from it
  • His second mentor is Dan Peña - The 50 Billion Dollar Man
  • He failed English twice in high school but still learned how to write copy
  • That grew into marketing
  • Then he went into internet marketing and affiliate marketing
  • People asked him to teach his internet marketing classes
  • Then he learned how to invest
Take Control of Every Sale
Who do I have to be to capitalize on this opportunity?"
  • Early on everything he touched turned to crap
  • "You're always under-charging."
  • Your insecurity is holding you back. You're projecting your insecurities.
  • Supply and Demand is all that matters.
  • Create more demand with your marketing and make yourself less available so your supply is reduced
  • When he was young he wanted to charge more as a copywriter
    • He interviewed 19 of the top copywriters and himself and sold them as a cassette series but never sold any.
    • He sold by being associated with them and undercut them at first.
    • He niched.
    • It's who you sell to that matters.
    • Only sell to players with money.
    • It takes the same effort to sell a $500 service as a $5,000 service.
  • Every year he publishes a new book. They are his business cards.
  • Work smarter.
  • Few sell $20,000 and $30,000 programs
    • You're providing a transformation at the higher price point
    • You're not selling information
  • His team and his connections are what people pay him for
  • His ratio is 1:10
    • Client selection is key
    • He knows he can help them
    • He spends a lot of time interviewing the client
    • You can only be effective by being selective
    • Choose who to lose

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Written by Wes Schaeffer

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