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Creating Infusionsoft Opportunities

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Add new Infusionsoft CRM Opportunities

Old school CRMs like Salesforce.com are Company-centric, while Infusionsoft is Contact-centric.

However, you can still create and track Opportunities inside the CRM section of your Infusionsoft application in a straight forward manner.

As the screenshot above shows, simply navigate to the Opportunities Navigation Bar under CRM select "Add an Opportunity." On the next screen begin filling in the blanks with as much information as you have.

Add detail to Infusionsoft CRM opportunity easilyOrder The Infusionsoft Book

You can also create custom fields for your Infusionsoft Opportunities to help you track steps or Stages or just additional information that is important in your business. Note that I have both TSW (The Sales Whisperer) and ICC (Infusionsoft Certified Consultant) tabs to track information relevant to those types of Opportunities.

Add custom fields to Infusionsoft CRM opportunity quickly.

Once the pertinent information is entered you can begin working the Opportunity through your various Opportunity Stages that can be customized to fit your sales cycle. (I'll discuss setting up Stages in another section.)

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