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How To Handle Crazy Clients | The Benefit of Professional Sales Training

Crazy clients are your own fault.
"I want 50% off the setup and I want to make payments on that setup and I want 33% off the monthly and I want on-site support TOMORROW at no extra charge and I need to launch a 27-step campaign by Sunday—Yes, I know it's Friday night— and I want you to take all of my calls any time I call on the first ring and I want custom design work right now at no extra charge and I'm LIKE TOTALLY upset that you're not doing all of this even though you helped me secure 355 orders in 34 days all completely automated and my girlfriend agrees you 'saved our business.' You need to call me ASAP!"

Eat This To Sell More

When I say "your" I am including myself in there, trust me. You and I get crazy clients because we let them get crazy on us.

(I wish I was making up the run-on sentence it red but it is literally happening as I type this and typing is my therapy keeping me from opening up a big 'ol can of Cajun-Texas whoopass on this dude that I have allowed to drive me to the brink of the funny farm.)

Despite a great education, world travels, 21 years of sales experience, 20 years of formal speaking and training experience, 17 years of CRM experience, 9+ years of owning a sales/marketing/training business, 8+ years of Infusionsoft experience I still let clients get crazy on me from time to time.

How did this happen, Wes?"

Here's how: the client is a friend of a friend that was in "desperate need" and I was a softy and cut them a deal.

Here's the problem: desperate people only hear and read and see and understand and comprehend what they want to.

I laid out what I could do for this guy before he started and he has achieved tremendous results but he's still not happy.

My full retail clients love me. Those that get deals do not.

The bad news for you: expect to pay full price for my goods and services for quite some time following the post.

The good news for you: expect great service, great results and to fall in love with my team and me as we grow together.

The great news for you: learn from my pain and stick to your guns on your pricing. If someone wants a lower price respond with,

"I'll gladly lower my price. Which options would you like me to take out in return?"

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