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Do Direct Mail Marketing Right (Yes, Snail Mail Still Works)

About Direct Mail Expert, Craig Simpson

From post cards to 80-page sales letters selling everything from RVs to legal help to fitness training, Craig Simpson is a direct mail guru, and he can help you grow your sales with direct mail as well.

Sales Tips you'll learn about growing your sales with direct mail from Craig Simpson

  • How to get one-on-one with your prospect.
  • The true purpose of direct mail.
  • The importance of the Call To Action.
  • How to get your letter delivered.
  • How to get your letter opened.
  • How to get your letter read.
  • How to get your reader to take action.
  • How to start with direct mail and not break the bank.
  • What size letter to send first.
  • What type of stamp to use.
  • Whether or not you should hand-address it.
  • How to determine if you're a real entrepreneur or just a good "doer of tasks."

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