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Connecting with people has always been the name of the game

Way back in the day, cavemen were connected their surroundings to seek food, water and avoid dinosaurs so they could make it home to draw on the walls.

(I wish my wife would let me draw on the walls. I mean, it's my house, too!)

Less back in the day, as farming and the domestication of animals became the norm, men were connected with the land and/or their livestock.

They would then connect with others when they went into town for provisions, for trade, for worship services and for a drink.

That's where they would catch up on the news, politics, births, deaths, weddings, and the price of tea in China.

As mass communications entered society we went back into our caves and were told what to think, what to eat, what to smoke, what to wear but we still chatted by the water cooler or lunch break or the bar after work or the company picnic to commiserate and catch up.

See the new ABCs of Selling

Then along came the internet and its super-connecting little brother with a big mouth, social media.

Now everyone has the ability to connect with everyone and anyone. Which is good and bad news.

Now there's a lot of noise because everyone is connected to everyone else, which means we have to sort through what everyone is saying to hear what you are saying about your business or your cause.

But if you seek first to really connect you'll be fine.

Connections are more than "Hey, like my page and I'll like yours back."

It's about reaching into the core of why you, your business, your cause exist and telling that story with passion, creativity, persistence and verve.

You'll then connect. Your audience will listen. Your star will be born.

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