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The 7 Steps To Get People To Buy, With Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Is sales dead?
  • Is closing dead?
  • For higher ticket sales, you need great salespeople
  • MDR, SDR, Account Executives
    • SDRs are reaching out cold (Sales Development Reps)
    • MDRs reach out after you opt-in for something (Marketing Development Reps)
    • AEs are the closers
  • Seven beliefs the prospect must have to buy
    • Pain
      • Pain—move away from
      • Unfulfilled desire—move towards
      • Business is about solving problems
      • People exchange money when you show them value
      • But we must start with pain
    • Doubt
      • They must doubt they can do it themselves
      • Why not DIY?
    • Cost
      • It's more costly to stay where they are
      • Tony Robbins and the Dickens process, imagine years from now if nothing changes, and bring it to the present cost/value
      • You must set up these questions
      • It must sound natural
    • Desire
      • The payoff if they fix the problem
      • The compelling future
    • Support
      • Your partners/team will support you in the decision
    • Money
      • They must have the money/budget to invest
      • They must have the willingness to invest the funds
    • Trust
      • Trust in you and the company
      • They must trust your methodology
      • So you must sell them simultaneously on why their current world won't change and it is too painful and that your system will work
  • Break down their limiting beliefs
  • Prospects will close themselves when you do this right
  • There are a lot of soft salespeople today

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  • You must learn sales management to really scale your business
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  • The business owner must be the leader
  • Salespeople can't perform if they are not inspired
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  • Cold calling works great in a targeted industry, and you have to reach high up the food chain
  • He goes after founders of $1-$4 million companies
  • He usually gets emails rather easily
  • He gets decent answer rates on calls
  • Data is the biggest thing
  • You need good lists
  • He manually builds his own lists
  • Uses Seamless.ai

    Take The Quiz—Find Your CRM

    • He can't use their search function
    • He needs a launch point
    • Use BuiltWith to find software they use
    • Find a Facebook Group
    • It's hard to find these people who self-identify
    • Realtors self-identify but use Zillow to see who is advertising, so you're not just calling all Realtors
    • Use Seamless to get all of their info
    • The research team customizes the first line to complete the list
    • Then clean the list to have good deliverability
  • If you want to get into sales, reach out
  • If you're not making great money in sales, reach out
  • If you have a service or course or online delivered service, reach out
  • You need to have a way to generate leads
  • You can't just hire a salesperson and cut them loose, and tell them to make it work


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