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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Getting started with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing in 12 easy steps.

First visit ClickBank and select the big red "GET STARTED" button in the center or use the "SIGN UP" link in the top right.

The sign up process is like any other online platform or membership site.


Continue down the page entering your information... 



Once you have completed your setup go ahead and login and you'll see the following screen.

As you can see, I don't use ClickBank too often (the products I typically promote have their own affiliate programs, which I'll discuss in another post) but the week I'm making this post you can see I've earned $542.64 in just two days—May 7th and 8th. (If I could do that every day for a year that would be $99,031.80! But I'm not there, yet, although I do make more than that from Infusionsoft, but it's not all passive / affiliate income.)



To find products to promote click on the "Marketplace" link in the top navigation menu. 



Then you can use the "Find Products:" box to type in a random search or use the vertical red toolbar on the left to narrow your search via Categories.


Here is a zoomed in view of the "Categories" you can use to find products to promote via ClickBank Affiliate Marketing.


ClickBank allows you to refine your search by many parameters, but if you are just getting started, find a product you like and can recommend with a clear conscious to your readers and followers and start discussing it.


More ways to refine your ClickBank Affiliate Marketing search via "Attributes." But see my recommendation above. If you are just getting started, don't worry about this.


Once you narrowed your ClickBank Affiliate Marketing search, you'll see a list of products that fit that search as you can see with this image of "Affilorama." (Note: I do not know anything about this product. I just used this image for illustrative purposes.)

To get your ClickBank affiliate link, click on the red "PROMOTE" button.




After you select the red "PROMOTE" button you'll be taken to this screen below with your "Account Nickname" and "Tracking ID."

The "Tracking ID" is optional and, like the recommendations above, if you are just getting started, don't worry about it. (I've made $542.64 in just two days without that "Tracking ID." I'm just sayin'.)

To finally get your ClickBank Affiliate Marketing tracking link click on the red "CREATE" button.



Ta Dah!! Here is your ClickBank Affiliate Marketing tracking link. Copy and paste that long link in your email blasts, on your website, etc. and when anyone clicks on it and buys you'll get the credit.

ClickBank also gives you the HTML to copy and paste in the "TEXT" tab of your Wordpress site with the text "Click Here!" already created for you and ClickBank also gives you your own QR code if you'd like to use that for print marketing.


ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Step 12 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Step 12

So there you have it. ClickBank Affiliate Marketing in 12 simple steps. Good selling.

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