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Take The DriveTest® So You Can Hire Right, With Christopher Croner

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Read your prospects to sell how they want to buy

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Sales Hiring Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • SalesDrive
  • Finds the "hunters"
  • The DriveTest®, three non-teachable attributes = Drive
    • Need for achievement.
      • "A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon." - Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Competitiveness
      • Peers
      • Win customers over to their point of view
    • Optimism (resiliency)
    • Drive is the easiest to fake in an interview and the most difficult to accurately rate
    • Assessment + interview questions
  • What makes a great salesperson?
    • Persuasion
    • Organizational skills
    • Etc.
  • 5 keys in  
    • Conscientiousness: achievement orientation
  • Nature vs Nurture
    • Parents must hold their kids accountable
  • The cost of an under-performer can impact you negatively to the tune of 6-figures easily
    • His tests are just $200 so you can afford it, even if you're just starting out
  • Bigger companies need to streamline their interview process
  • He gives "forced choice" questions
  • Needs to also be a fit culturally
  • If they are low on need for achievement and competitiveness then their optimism can kill your company
  • Strong need for achievement helps balance them from being a bull in a China shop
  • Gut feel is still important. There must be chemistry.
  • Smart sales people will study how to interview and they'll take over the interview
  • This is like "Consumer Reports" for reviewing your candidates
  • You can teach people how to do a demo and connect with people
  • You must have the culture to manage the sales hunters
  • Look for candidates with external motivators like a mortgage and car payments

Links Mentioned In The Sales Podcast