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Master Public Relations To Grow Sales, With Christina Nicholson

Learn the "+1" formula to connect with the media and get publicity for free  

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Left news after 10+ years
  • Worked at a PR agency for six months but didn't like the lack of flexibility
  • Launched her own business with two little kids at home
  • She hates press releases...they're long and boring
  • Maybe it's a work-ethic problem...maybe it's an instant-gratification problem
  • Send a personal message and offer value
  • Help your customers do their job
  • It costs 10's of thousands or even 100's of thousands to really get the word out
  • You need a longterm goal and strategy
  • You can only spend money or time to grow your business
  • Always start local. You're more newsworthy since you live there
  • What's your goal?
  • Local TV and newspaper can work even now.
  • PR companies will lie to you about how fast they can work
  • Press releases used to work
  • Everyone is in the media now thanks to social media
  • Reporters are over-worked and underpaid today
    • Hand them everything they want and need on a silver platter
    • Give them a great story
    • Script, lower-thirds, video, high resolution images / visuals, props, everything
  • Timing matters
    • Evergreen stories
    • Current news, i.e. a Mexican food restaurant pitching a story for Taco Tuesday on National Tequila Day
  • Pitch a variety of reporters / journalists
  • Make them a go-to person once they pick you up and loop them in
  • Are you ready to convert the traffic from your great PR?
  • Do PR on your PR!
  • Big shows will always ask to see clips of you on smaller shows
  • You have to speak in good soundbites
  • You provide the "how" and the emotional components
  • Question = Answer + 1 to get your point across in a professional manner
  • Get clear on your goal
    • Build a media list?
    • Get visitors to your store?
    • Build your media persona. FIND ONE journalist and get to know them and build a relationship with them.

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