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Land Larger Agency Deals Faster With Christian Banach

The power of consistency in sales growth



Marketing Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Went to school for marketing
  • Worked with Lady Gaga and Pitbull in the concert industry
  • Experiential marketing for other agencies
  • 2008 recession hit him hard
  • He lived by referrals and word-of-mouth
  • Hired a consultant to help him generate new business
  • Closed it down to work in business development roles in the marketing space
  • COVID felt like deja vu all over again but he was the consultant helping others
  • He had a new daughter and wanted some stability but he realized he didn't have a great foundation or strategy
  • It was tough going back to work for someone else

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  • His background was a good fit with his new employer
  • That gave him the experience to relaunch out on his own
  • Learned what not to do
  • Opened his eyes
  • Helped him get into enterprise sales
  • Would you get a marketing degree as well
  • As the boss he didn't know what it was like to be an employee and how to build a culture
  • He didn't understand the value of building a culture
  • People are more than money-motivated
  • In this recession, sales cycles are being extended


Join The Club

  • You can hunker down or maintain and even expand your sales and marketing budgets
  • He does a lot of cold outreach and it has become more challenging
  • Warm outbound prospecting is working
  • Tap into your network and go back to them
  • Everyone is nervous
  • Multi-media, multi-step is key
  • Email still works well in warm markets
  • Why is LinkedIn messaging so bad?
  • A lot of marketing is just copycat marketing
  • He spends six months listening and testing
  • The cobbler's kids have no shoes
  • Most of his clients don't have a CRM
  • He makes recommendations on technology for them
  • Started an email newsletter
  • Sent cold emails to decision makers but it was hyper-focused and non-salesy for 3-4 months and it worked
  • This built awareness
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Warming up the audience
  • He does cold outreach via email and phone
  • Looks for staff changes and shares other relevant information
  • His newsletter is not self-promotional
  • The readers know the game
  • His newsletter comes from himself, not his company
  • So he lets his personality shine through


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Which CRM Is Right For You?

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  • Guest Site: https://christianbanach.com/
  • Guest LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/christian-banach-llc/


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