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The Dude, Chris Martinez, How To Grow Sales...With a Wrestling Mask

Create systems and processes to scale multiple businesses 

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Chris Martinez is the Dude of Dude Agency. He shares how he launched one business, optimized it, then handed it off to his manager so he could do it again in another niche. Learn how to really work smarter and have more fun growing your sales in episode 363 of The Sales Podcast.

Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • CEO and Founder of Dude Agency 
  • 2012 he started a web design firm
    • His team was in The Philippines
    • Needed better support in the U.S. time zones
    • Found a team in Tijuana
    • Had over 200 clients
    • Small team of just 5
  • 2017 wanted to try something new
  • Stop the scroll
    • He had a wrestling mask
    • Wears the mask and outfit at trade shows
    • It repels the people they don't want as clients as a Rorschach test
  • Systems and processes are key to growth
  • Operations is where you make or lose money
  • He hired someone for $5,000 to make his initial processes
  • He made the on-boarding process for new clients himself
  • He's not a techie so he could see things from the client's perspective
  • Dudefest twice a year for clients

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