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Survive The Next Crisis With Chris Manske on The Sales Podcast

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How To Buy When There's Blood In The Street

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • West Point graduate
  • Financial advisor
  • Author of book on how to handle the next financial crisis
  • When you're ready to create your own culture it's time to go out on your own
  • We don't have daily crises

Eat This To Sell More

  • What is a crisis?
  • When should you hire a money manager?
    • When you don't believe you can do it yourself
    • When you don't want to do it yourself
    • You don't have the time
    • If you have the time, desire, and know-how...but you're married to someone who does not have all of the above and you want to make preparations 
  • How to know when and where to focus on the news and events
  • A recession is not a crisis
    • Acts of terrorism/Assassinations
    • Leader-driven threats like the Cuba Missile Crisis
    • Actual wars
    • Systemic issues
  • The crises pattern is quick
    • Wall Street usually gets it wrong
    • People get used to the new normal quickly

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