Charlie Sheen Teaches Sales Secrets...Sorta

One of the best sales success secrets I learned is to not let others spend my commission checks.

What I mean by that is when the money starts coming in, be smart with it, know how you earned it, figure out how to make it repeatable and don't let others tell you it's time to buy this or that, go here or there, or help this or that person out.

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Like sales people, celebrities that self-destruct do so because they feel unworthy of the adulation, fortune and fame they receive just for repeating some lines someone else wrote while pretending to be someone they are not.

In 1 Kings 2:3 and John 10:10 we read that God wants us to prosper and have life in abundance but many times we frown upon or simply reject God's blessing, which usually leads to our own demise.

Charlie Sheen had the opportunity to live life to the fullest and he took it just a little too far. (How's that for understatement?)

As a child of a famous actor he probably feels a little guilty for having easy access to the acting industry.

He is surely surrounded by other great actors that had to struggle in the early days to get where they are today.

You always hear the stories of people that "left it all behind" to move to Hollywood and wait tables, clean bathrooms, sleep in their cars, go on hundreds of auditions, get swindled by more than one "agent" before they got their big break and became a household name as a big time actor.

Meanwhile, Charlie was bouncing on the knees of Hollywood's A-List and having Marilyn Monroe sing lullabys to him.

Now he's sabotaging his career and his life because of these deep-seated feelings of unworthiness.

Salespeople do the same thing.

In businesses across the nation walk salespeople that have closed a humongous deal and then go on autopilot back down to their comfort level because they don't see themselves as over-achievers capable of sustaining numbers 150%-200%-300% over quota.

So they knock down a big deal then "head trash" creeps in and they talk themselves down to where they think they belong.

Psychologists estimate that upwards of 77% of our self-talk is negative, counter-productive and self-defeating.

That's why salespeople need great managers, athletes need coaches and all humans need spiritual advisers.

The Devil wants to keep us down.

Our peers like us and invite us to participate in their Fantasy Football League as long as we aren't too far ahead of them.

Our neighbors invite us to the block party if our car costs about the same as theirs.

But all of the above are counter to God's will and desire for us.

So turn off the boob-tube (that's literally what it is when Charlie Sheen is on it), and

  • spend some time reading the Bible,
  • spend some time reading good sales training material,
  • find a mentor/coach/trainer/adviser that can push and pull you to a higher level of performance,
  • find or create your own MasterMind group and hold each other accountable then accept with open arms the abundance that will come your way.

"The harder I work, the luckier I get." ~ Samuel Goldwyn

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