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Learn Why Charles Cormier Is The Cold Email King

Outbound email in B2B settings is a viable form of prospecting and your sales are hurting for not trying it



Cold Email Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • The cold email king
  • Uses Apollo for cold email
  • Charges $4,000 to set up plus $1,500/mo for three months
  • Not all emails need to be "warmed up"
  • He uses Sendgrid, which lets you send at scale
  • Why cold email?
    • ROI
    • Scale
  • He has owned call centers, LinkedIn marketing, and Facebook Ads agencies

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  • Started testing cold emails to see how they worked.
  • Sendgrid lets him send a lot of emails with low spam and high ROI.
  • Pays $300-$500/mo in tools and generates hundreds of meetings/mo.
  • Most people don't do cold email right.
  • Apollo has lists inside their software.
    • 10,000 contacts/mo for around $80/mo.
    • This is the holy grail.
    • Sendgrid is just $19.95/mo for up to 50,000 emails/mo.
  • If you send crappy emails to bad lists, nothing will help you.
  • He's obsessed with product-market fit.
  • His campaigns are complicated.
    • Limits his email sends to 400 per day per email account.
    • Creates up to five offers per day.
  • He stays active in his business to stay current.
    • Offers a CTA that simply asks if they have time in two days.
    • Prospect replies. Replies are key in the early stages.
    • Limits the personalization early on.
    • Once he gets replies, they research them to be more relevant and personal.
    • Avoids links in early emails.


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  • Doesn't do this B2C.
  • Most of his clientele are agencies.
  • Does a lot of SaaS, but SaaS is taking a big hit right now.
  • We have imposter syndrome.
  • If you have a cool offer in B2B that is "high ticket" with high retention and high LTV, give him a call.
If you send crappy emails to bad lists, nothing will help you."

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