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Capsule CRM vs Infusionsoft

Capsule CRM vs Infusionsoft

Capsule CRM vs Infusionsoft was recently requested by my Infusionsoft Certified Consultant peers so here we go...

I must admit I hadn't heard of Capsule CRM until this request was made.

My first impression of their website is positive. I like the look and feel of what they are offering. They offer both a free trial and a free edition, but the Free Edition of Capsule CRM seems a bit light in the storage and contacts areas. However, they offer 2 users and unlimited opportunities and cases, which is fantastic for beginners.

Capsule CRM's Professional Edition is quite inexpensive at $12 per month per user, which gets you 2 gigs of storage per user and 50,000 contacts, and the same unlimited opportunities and cases.

You can pay as you go so they don't lock you in to a one year contract like "Salesforce vs Infusionsoft" and "HubSpot vs Infusionsoft." So AMEN to that!

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So good so far.

The features they offer are normal for a CRM:

  • Detailed Contact View
  • Sales Pipeline (which is not normal for all CRMs, so that's cool)
  • To-do lists and calendar tasks
  • Ability to customize categories with tags to tweak vendor, lead and customer settings
  • Segment your contacts with lists
  • Import contacts from Outlook or CSV or vCard
  • Integration with Dropbox (nice touch that is not available everywhere...but with their limited storage you need it. Infusionsoft offers unlimited storage.)

Then Capsule CRM offers "Addons," which seems to be a nice word they give to API functionality. For those of you unfamiliar with APIs - Application Programming Interfaces - it's basically a translator between applications that helps them stay in synch.

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They appear to have a robust API, nice mobile capability and their dashboard upon login looks a lot like the project management platforms, Basecamp or Asana.

Development and support seems to be based out of the United Kingdom. Those chaps are just fine, I just always chuckle a bit when I see "Colour Scheme" and "recognise." (I've grown quite fond of the support Infusionsoft provides from their Arizona headquarters, but they do have some chat and after-hours support handled out of Texas and the U.K. as well.)

Capsule CRMs support seems to be limited to an online repository and forum at http://support.capsulecrm.com. If you need more you need to email them at support@capsulecrm.com.

So, in a nutshell, Capsule CRM looks like a perfectly fine, adequate, sufficient CRM for people that need a simple, basic, reliable, affordable CRM.

Before You Buy Any CRM...

Capsule CRM does not offer:

  • Live support
  • Automation
  • Templates
  • Pre-built Campaigns
  • A network of certified experts to help you grow
  • Affiliate module to grow through word-of-mouth
  • Social media integration
  • An annual conference to help you network and sharpen your skills with 3,500 other motivated entrepreneurs
  • Assistance getting started

In summary, I made a video below to highlight why I think CRMs are dead.
Storing names and appointments in the cloud is no big deal.
Storing some company records and files in the cloud is no big deal.
Storing deals you're working on in the cloud is no big deal.
Sending emails from the cloud is no big deal.

Tying this all together, and collecting leads and nurturing them and converting them and WOWing them and securing referrals and testimonials and repeat sales is a big deal.

Doing all of the above automatically is how you become a big deal.

If you're new to CRMs and just need somewhere to go to cut your teeth on this type of technology, Capsule CRM looks like a fine platform. Start with the free version and play around.

If you need to grow without adding staff.
If you need to grow on auto-pilot.
If you need to grow in a consistent, predictable manner.
If you would like help and support and a proven roadmap to grow like that then...Infusionsoft is still your best bet.

You can order Infusionsoft here and receive a ton of great bonuses.

Now go sell something.