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Brian Tracy Is Helping Me Teach My Son How To Think And Grow Rich

Wes Schaeffer "The Sales Whisperer®," Brian Tracy, Jake Schaeffer

Mr. Brian Tracy was about 30 feet in front of us (May 2010) while speaking on stage in San Diego at the Traffic Geyser Firepower Summit in March and he opened with the powerful line,

"Future intent determines present action."

I turned to my now-13 year old son and asked, "What are your future intentions?" to which he responded with a knowing smile between father and son. It was a great moment.

What are your future intentions?

Where are you focused?

What are your present actions?

Do you know how to grow?

Do you know how to overcome the issues that may be slowing you down?

Are you following that "happy thoughts" bullsh*t?

A great line Brian Tracy said was, "If you are a believer in the 'enthusiasm and happy thoughts are all I need to be successful' then you believe there's a Richard Simmons, Jr."

So get to work. Create your "To Do" and your "Not To Do" list and focus on getting things done.

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Good selling.