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From Drugs and Abortions To Focus and Family: Meet Brian Scrone

Your reality is in between your ears...so fix it

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  • Grew up in a loving household in NJ near NYC...but it was a little too fast-paced
  • Got into drugs at age 13 and was even a drug dealer
  • Despite the trouble he lives with no regrets
  • Your challenges in life are either crises or opportunities
  •  Hit rock bottom at 23
    • Got a couple of girls pregnant at 21 within six months
    • Both ended in abortion
    • Sent him into a deep depression for a couple of years
    • Sought help
    • Surrounded himself with loving people who had been around the block
    • Now he's careful with those that are around him
  • Keith Cunningham in Austin presented the 5Fs to Brian 20 years ago...but it didn't sink in
  • Multi-millionaires before 30...and bankrupt by 32 after the 2008 real estate collapse
    • Was living beyond his means
    • Was not mature enough to handle the growth and income
    • His wife stuck with him through it all
  • Moved west when he hit rock bottom ("You can't fall off the floor")
    • Was in Arizona then California
    • Was shoveling horse manure and teaching and couldn't pay his rent with his business partner
    • They researched industries and came to the conclusion that real estate was the way to make money
    • Got his money from Family, Friends, or Fools
    • His dad had some trust and unconditional love to fund some of their early investments
  • "You can't do a good deal with a bad guy"
  • How to succeed without hitting rock bottom
  • How to enjoy life
  • You get what you focus on
  • We all live in our own realities...that are between our ears
  • This is a process, not an event


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