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Books, Wine, and The #1 Issue Holding You Back

People contact me every day for help with their CRM or for sales training or to speak at their event and they'll ask...

"Wes, What kind of experience do you have in my industry?"

I love it when I can answer, "None, which is EXACTLY why you need to hire me."

(Now tilt your head like a little puppy, furrow your brow and say "Aurgh?" That's the response I get.)

Barnes & Noble exists because an entrepreneurial goldsmith/blacksmith/publisher/printer who was a bit in debt came up with the idea to merge the concepts of grape & olive oil presses with a coin stamp to invent printable moveable type printing.

SIDEBAR: the screw press had only been around for 1,300 years. So millions of people in Europe had centuries to convert and modify what was right in front of them for greater purposes...but no one did until Gutenberg looked at something in a different industry to make an exponential improvement in his current business.

To make gold, horseshoes, and entrepreneurial leaps you need the right ingredients, some creativity, ingenuity, and a lot of heat.

As someone with the entrepreneurial spirit, you're good at getting yourself into hot water, so you can check off that box.

But hot water typically clouds our thinking, thus the saying,

If you think you're desperate, you are."

You also have "the right stuff" when it comes to making things happen but you may be missing a little something here and there.

Become One of The 5

That's where the creativity and ingenuity of an outsider is key to your sooner-rather-than-later success.

Outsiders have no sacred cows

We challenge everything because it's what we do.

If you haven't been pushed or stretched or made uncomfortable in your thoughts and/or actions when it comes to growing your business you now know why you are not having the success you want and thought you'd have by now.

The true secret of entrepreneurial success is leverage.

Wisdom comes from experience.

Experience comes from mistakes.

Be wise in seeking counsel from those with wisdom to avoid your painful experiences.

Market like you mean it. Now go sell something.

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