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Light a Spark With Sendspark Founder, Bethany Stachenfeld

Do personalization at scale with video email



Professional Marketing Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Background in marketing
  • The least techie in the tech space
  • She was sending out emails and getting mean responses
  • She was called a spammer
  • Her co-worker looked at what she was doing and helped create a new approach

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  • She had a lot of friction inside her company.
  • Started in early 2019 to go out on her own.
  • Thought things would be a lot easier to develop.
  • How do you launch before you have a product?
  • You'll never have a complete product.
  • MLP: Minimum Lovable Product.
  • Asked new customers to pay...if they would pretty please.
  • Many new customers were using free versions of Loom and Vidyard, but Sendspark had a lot more and better features


Join The Club

  • This was pre-COVID, so people were still not sold on using video in email.
  • They focused on the product first before going after market share.
  • Offer a free plan with limited features.
  • You need to charge early on.
  • "The Mom Test."
  • People are now more comfortable with video.
  • Things continue to look up.
Personalization at scale."
  • Maybe personalize the first 15 seconds.
  • Chrome extension
  • Affiliates, organic traffic, LinkedIn, engage directly with prospects.


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