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Do 'Smart Calling' With Sales Expert, Author, Trainer Art Sobczak

You're not selling products or services

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Likes and shares happen when you say "cold calling is dead" but it's far from dead
  • Cold is dead but calling is not
  • COVID-19 is forcing people to get on the phone
  • Today is the age of the "pitch slap"
  • The power of social engineering 


Grow your sales with the Gorillas of Growth.

We've become professional ignorers."
  • Create interest with your research
  • "Who gave me that information? Look, I just wanted to do some research ahead of time to make sure I had something valuable to bring to you.
  • Call into the help desk...they're there to help
  • Who's buying it? How do they use it? Why do they want it?
  • You're selling results, not products or services.
  • Be yourself, be humorous, but don't tell a joke. Don't be stupid.
  • Be confident, positive, sound like you believe in what you're selling, but don't be phony
  • Be conversational
  • Talk like you're talking to a friend
  • Oren Klaff discusses status alignment
  • Who owns the problem?
  • Who owns the result?
  • Should you ask "Are you the decision maker?"
  • Ask about the process and the precedent?
  • We get experience in two ways...
  • Great salespeople are made, not born
    • Desire
    • Effort
  • Publishers don't want authors, they want sales

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